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For most of us, work is central to our lives. It gives us purpose and pays the bills, but can also put us under a lot of stress. While some might say ‘that’s just the way it is’, evidence shows being happy at work makes us more productive and helps businesses become more successful.

The Happiness at Work Program is a focused 30-day course designed to heighten wellbeing in your workplace. By establishing key practices, it promotes mindfulness, raises morale and gets you and your team feeling more positive and motivated every single day.

Why invest in your team’s wellbeing?

The idea of investing in wellbeing can, at first, seem counterintuitive; unlike investing in new technology or new talent, the ‘bang for your buck’ isn’t immediately visible.

It’s only when you see what a game-changer positivity can be; its impact on individuals and how a business functions; that you realize just how valuable the investment is.

By investing in the Happiness At Work program, your business improves in several fundamental ways:

Higher Retention Rates

People who are happier in their jobs will naturally love working for you. The program helps promote loyalty and decreases revolving door syndrome.

Lower Absenteeism

Employees taking frequent sick days can have a negative impact on your company’s efficiency. The program uses strategies to combat pressure and stress at work, a common cause of absenteeism.

Greater Collaboration

Happy, engaged employees are far more likely to collaborate. By encouraging an atmosphere of mutual respect, the program is ideal for team building.

Happier Customers

The program is particularly valuable for businesses that rely on face-to- face interaction with customers. Promoting positivity in your team can lead to better customer relations and increased profits.

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